General FAQ's


Links to all Zoom presentations & the schedule for the duration of the conference can be accessed in the attendee area of our website.

You must log in with the email and password selected during registration to access the attendee area.
(if you have issues logging in to the attendee area through the link above please contact ASAP)

The conference opening, introduction and announcements will begin at 11am sharp on Monday June 15th (UK time, GMT+1). Make sure to access the conference attendee area and log in at least 15 minutes in advance.

  1. Ensure you have the Zoom application installed onto the device you will be using to watch the conference. Instructions for which can be found in our Zoom guide along with instructions regarding Q&A during the virtual presentations. 
  2. Join our exclusive Cyber Science Slack channel so you can chat with other attendees and authors throughout the conference. Instructions for this can be found in the attendee networking area here. 
  3. Check out the conference schedule and make a plan for the week.

Attend our LinkedIn event and get networking with the Cyber Science community.

We will be in touch with you directly on your registered email address with a Zoom link for your individual presentation.