The 2017 edition of Cyber Science took place in London, UK from June 19-20, 2017.

Cyber Science 2017

2017 Keynotes & Industry

Accepted Papers, Extended Abstracts and Posters

  • Antti Evesti, Teemu Kanstrén and Tapio Frantti. “Cybersecurity Situational Awareness Taxonomy”
  • Eliana Stavrou. “A situation-aware user interface to assess users’ ability to construct strong passwords: A conceptual architecture”
  • Natalie Nakhla, Kathryn Perrett and Christopher McKenzie. “Automated Computer Network Defence using ARMOUR: Mission-oriented decision support and vulnerability mitigation”
  • Marianne Junger, Lorena Montoya, Pieter Hartel and Maliheh Heydari. “Towards the normalization of crime victimization: A routine activities analysis of cybercrime in Europe”
  • Aunshul Rege, Zoran Obradovic, Nima Asadi, Brian Singer, Nicholas Masceri and Quinn Heath. “A Temporal Assessment of Cyber Intrusion Chains Using Multidisciplinary Frameworks and Methodologies”
  • Patrik Lif, Magdalena Granåsen and Teodor Sommestad. “Development and validation of technique to measure cyber situation awareness”
  • Arnau Erola, Ioannis Agrafiotis, Jassim Happa, Michael Goldsmith, Sadie Creese and Philip Legg. “Improving semi-automated network defences by correlating heterogeneous data sources”
  • Boniface Kayode Alese, Aderonke Favour-Bethy Thompson and Patricia Yetunde Oni. “A Location Privacy System in Mobile Network Using Game Theory”
  • Palvi Aggarwal, Cleotilde Gonzalez and Varun Dutt. “Modeling the Effects of Amount and Timing of Deception in Simulated Network Scenarios”
  • Lynsay Shepherd, Jacqueline Archibald and Robert Ian Ferguson. “Security Awareness and Affective Feedback: Categorical Behaviour vs. Reported Behaviour”
  • Outi-Marja Latvala, Tommi Keränen, Sami Noponen, Niko Lehto, Mirko Sailio, Mikko Valta and Pia Olli. “Visualising network events in a muggle friendly way”
  • Boniface Kayode Alese, Abimbola Akinledele, Folasade M. Dahunsi, Aderonke Favour-Bethy Thompson and Tosin Adesuyi. “A Graphic-based Cryptographic Model for Authentication”
  • David Brosset, Yvon Kermarrec, Pedro Merino Laso, Benjamin Costé and Camille Cavelier. “Cr@ck3n: a cyber alerts visualization object”
  • Pablo Casais Solano and Antonio José Reinoso Peinado. “Socioeconomic factors in Cybercrime”
  • Anthony Arrott, Ivan Macalintal and Ian McMillan. “For cloud services on a user’s multiple devices, how do we measure the trusted zone defended by anti-malware?”
  • Elochukwu Ukwandu, William Buchanan and Gordon Russell. “Performance Evaluation of a Fragmented Secret Share System”
  • Gavin Hales. “Visualisation of Device Datasets to Assist Digital Forensic Investigation”
  • Scott Donaldson, Natalie Coull and David Mcluskie. “A Methodology for Testing Virtualization Security”
  • Sumaia Sabouni, Andrea Cullen and Lorna Armitage. “A Preliminary Radicalisation Framework Based on Social Engineering Techniques”
  • Martyn Weedon, Dimitris Tsaptsinos and James Denholm-Price. “Random Forest Explorations for URL Classification”
  • Ruth Ikwu. “A Multi-dimensional Structural Approach to Proactive Cyber Defence”
  • Anthony Arrott and William Kam. “Measuring cloud-based anti-malware protection for Office 365 user accounts “
  • Taniya Bhatia and Rishabh Kaushal. “Malware Detection in Android based on Dynamic Analysis”
  • Daniel Fraunholz, Daniel Krohmer, Simon Duque Antón and Hans Dieter Schotten. “Investigation of Cyber Crime Conducted by Abusing Weak or Default Passwords with a Medium Interaction Honeypot”Mohammed Alzaylaee, Suleiman Yerima and Sakir Sezer. “Improving Dynamic Analysis of Android Apps Using Hybrid Test Input Generation”
  • Feng Yao, Suleiman Yerima, Boojoong Kang and Sakir Sezer. “Continuous Implicit Authentication for Mobile Devices based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System”
  • Stephen Singam. “Securing an US$ 2.8B Digital Asset: The movie – Avatar”
  • Louai Maghrabi, Eckhard Pfluegel, Luluwah Al-Fagih, Roman Graf, Florian Skopik and Giuseppe Settanni. “Improved Software Vulnerability Patching Techniques Using CVSS and Game Theory”
  • Yassine Lemmou and El Mamoun Souidi. “PrincessLocker analysis”
  • Kamalakanta Sethi, Amartya Majumdar and Padmalochan Bera. “A Novel Implementation of Parallel Homomorphic Encryption for Secure Data Storage in Cloud”
  • Yuanyuan Grace Zeng. “Identifying Email Threats Using Predictive Analysis”
  • Michelle Omoogun, Preetila Seeam, Visham Ramsurrun, Xavier Bellekens and Amar Seeam. “When eHealth Meets the Internet of Things: Pervasive Security and Privacy Challenges”
  • Vahid Moula and Salman Niksefat. “ROPK++: An enhanced ROP attack detection framework for Linux operating system”
  • Tianhui Meng, Zhihao Shang and Katinka Wolter. “An Empirical Performance and Security Evaluation of Android Container Solutions”
  • Clement Guitton. “Foiling Cyber Attacks”
  • Amala Rajan, Rejitha Ravikumar and Mariam Mohammed Al-Shaer. “UAE Cybercrime Law and Cybercrimes – An Analysis”