The deadline for all paper submissions (Long, Short, Extended Abstract, Concept Note & Presentation-Only),  has been extended to 30th April 2023.

  • Please submit Long and Short papers using the online submission system hosted by Easychair Conference Portal.
  • Please submit Extended Abstracts, Concept Notes and Presentation-Only submission via email (
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Please prepare your paper using Springer paper template

You can download the Springer’s Paper Templates.

Please read the Submission Instructions before submitting your paper.

Authors must use the online submission systems hosted by EasyChair Conference System to submit their papers. 

Authors of accepted papers will complete a copyright form per paper. You can download a copy of the copyright form, here.

Submission Instructions

Long Papers:

  • Long papers should be (25 pages max.) or  roughly about (25,000 words).

Short Papers:

  • Short papers should be (14 pages max.) or roughly about (14,000 words).

Extended Abstracts:

  • Extended abstracts should be about 4-5 pages long including references.

Concept Notes:

  • Concept Notes are new ideas or ideas still in the very early stages, usually research results have not been conducted just yet.
  • Concept notes should be about 2-3 pages long including references.

Presentation Only

  • Presentation only submission may not require paper submission, and will only be presented at the conference, but not included in the proceedings

Paper Length, Style and Format:

  • Paper length or word limit is inclusive of figures and references.

    Please note that the series Springer Proceedings in Complexity follows the Reference Style MathPhysSci, Citation Style Numbered and Numbering Style ContentOnly.

  • Paper submissions should be written in English.
  • Submission electronically via the EasyChair conference portal (for Long and Short Papers) or Email for Extended Abstracts and Concept Notes.
  • Submission file formats are PDF and Microsoft Word using the Springer Paper Templates
  • Authors of accepted papers will complete a copyright form per paper. You can download a copy of the copyright form, here.