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Cyber Science, co-sponsored by IEEE, is the flagship conference of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation and Collaboration (C-MRiC) focusing on pioneering research and innovation in Cyber Situational Awareness, Social Media, Cyber Security and Cyber Incident Response.

Cyber Science aims to encourage participation and promotion of collaborative scientific, industrial and academic inter-workings among individual researchers, practitioners, members of existing associations, academia, standardization bodies, and including government departments and agencies. The purpose is to build bridges between academia and industry, and to encourage interplay of different culture.

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Joint Conferences


CyberSA 2021

International Conference on Cyber Situational Awareness, Data Analytics and Assessment (CyberSA 2021)

Social Media 2021

International Conference on Social Media, Wearable and Web Analytics (Social Media 2021)

Cyber Security 2021

International Conference on Cyber Security and Protection of Digital Services (Cyber Security 2021)

Cyber Incident 2021

International Conference on Cyber Incident Response, Coordination, Containment & Control (Cyber Incident 2021)

Keynote & Industry Speakers 2021


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