Non-Profit NGO Build Bridges & Encourage Different Culture

Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation and Collaboration (C-MRiC) is a nonprofit non-governmental organisation.

The aim is to participate, encourage and promote collaborative scientific, industrial and academic inter-workings among individual researchers, practitioners, members of existing associations, academia, standardisation bodies, and including government departments and agencies.

The purpose is to build bridges between academia and industry, and to encourage interplay of different cultures.

cyber science conference
cyber science conference

C-MRiC is committed to outstanding research and innovation through collaboration, and to disseminate scientific and industrial contributions through seminars and publications. Its products range from conferences on advanced and emerging aspects of societal issues, ranging from Cyber security to environmental pollution, and from Health IT to Wearable, with the best of breeds of such contributions featuring in our journal publications.

C-MRiC is reliant on individual and corporate voluntary and free memberships to support its activities such as peer reviews, editorials, participating, organising and promoting conference and journal publications.