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[Sticky] Welcome to #CyberScience2021

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Raluca Andronic
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Good morning everyone,

We'd like to welcome you all to the Cyber Science 2021 virtual conference event.

We invite you to network with one another by using the forum during breaks and sessions. Let us know what your views are on the topics and any views you might even have before the sessions take place! 

Feel free to start a discussion or debate. We hope you enjoy this year's event and welcome any questions you might have!

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What an amazing day we have ahead of us! Be sure to tune in and comment on the exciting topics we shall be discussing today which include:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Profiling the Cyber Criminal 
  • Security Engineering 
  • The Architecture of Virtual Cyber Labs

Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts ?

P.S. Be sure to add your LinkedIn to make the most of this networking opportunity!